2014/05/31 Science Café at Lycée Français International de Tokyo

Surely this was not SciTech’s first time at international school, but for French speaking school, it was our exciting premier which I believe many more great episodes would definitely follow.
 At Lycée Français International de Tokyo or The International French High School in Tokyo, all students are French-speaking. Courses are taught in French (with the exception of certain bilingual French/English sections). Japanese language and literature are introduced in the lower primary years. We were also informed that around half of the students speak Japanese and around 20 percent can speak English too.
 We started the day around 9am with a brief French lesson with the help on pronunciations from those little assistants who was running around the booth. Despite the fact that none of us can really speak French, the teacher was very kind and the kids were really patient with our funny pronunciations.
 The Science café booth was ready at the time we arrived. Our materials for kaleidoscope and color wheel spinning were all set in no time. Not long after the school festival’s kickoff at 10am, the place was getting crowded and many parents and children visited our booth.
 Between the two toys, kaleidoscope were more popular among the kids. Although the theory of polarization and refraction maybe a bit complicated to kids, endless vivid colors a kaleidoscope generates surely capture little ones’ interest. A girl even shouted ‘Magic!’ once she turned her kaleidoscope to the light.
 On the other hand, how a color wheel spinning toy works is much easier to understand. Kids also get to design their own color wheels and see how the colors mixes during a spin. Color wheel is more popular to boys more than girls. To be able to spin instantly may require some practice and our staffs, too, are no exception. However, it was very loving to see children with their friends and their parents helping each other with the spin.
 All these wonderful experience wouldn’t happen without a warm support from teachers and staffs, students and parents at Lycée Français International de Tokyo. Thank you so much.