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Introduction of Scitech

Science Techno (Scitech) is an authorized club of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
We plan scientific experimentation and craft-work classes at school, cultural hall and others in order to share the pleasure of science with a lot of people.

To those considering an event request to Scitech

Scitech's events are mainly visiting science classes including handicraft and experimentation.
In an event, we hold classes in which we teach how to make crafts using science and explain the principle to about 20 to 40 elementary school students.

Please write the following six items when you request us.

  1. Date and time of the event
  2. Venue
  3. Number of students
  4. Age of students
  5. Budget (As a guide, the material cost is several hundred yen per student.)
  6. Contents you desire (If you can leave it to us, please let us know.)

When you contact us, use the following mail address.
In addition, please understand that events may be unable to be held depending on the requested conditions ―for example too many students―and the schedule.

Click here to see the examples of the events of Scitech. Also please read our activity report blog for the latest activities.

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